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About Marilyn Kaplan

Marilyn Kaplan earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University, and continued on to receive her Master of Arts degree at Columbia University. Over the course of her career as an artist, much of her work was dedicated to painting beautiful and peaceful coastal landscape scenes in oil.

Marilyn’s evocative oil paintings captured the attention of many throughout her career, and for which she received critical acclaim, including the National Academy of Design Benjamin Altman Landscape Award. Her works began with collages, branched out into paint juxtaposed with photographs in collages, and ultimately developed into very soft, almost pastel creations of scenes and landscapes.

During the Vietnam War era protests, the artist created a striking collage that received international attention. “No More War” by Marilyn Kaplan was so impressive that a large poster company bought the rights to the collage. It was then mass-produced, hung in college dormitories throughout the country, and ultimately displayed in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Collection of Fine Arts – “Images of an Era – The American Poster 1945-1975”, which was a Bicentennial art exhibition which toured worldwide, and featured iconic works by Andy Warhol, among others. The “No More War” poster was also featured in a poignant television retrospective by NBC Nightly News at the close of the war.

Marilyn’s family has released three of her original paintings from her collection. Each are carefully and expertly reproduced as fine art giclée prints, available on either paper or canvas in the shop

More Marilyn:

Marilyn Kaplan (1930-1994), fully embraced all of life’s beauty and expressed it through her work. A Long Island, NY resident, Marilyn was passionate about incorporating the serenity and tranquility of the seashore into her works, and the viewers of her soothing bird’s-eye view landscapes can imagine themselves at their own favorite shoreline.

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